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Why We Don’t Have Magnetic Charges

May 23, 2022

Magnetic fields aren’t visible to us. But if we wanted to see one, it’s as easy as pouring iron filings over a magnet and seeing how they line up from one end of the magnet to the other. […]

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Deeper Dive

New Electrical Engineering Series Dives into Edison/Tesla War

May 22, 2022

Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla’s electricity feud is legendary. While Edison championed direct electrical current, flowing just one way, Tesla worked on alternating current, which flowed in two directions. This week on Wondrium Shorts, electricity gets ugly. […]

Picture showing a scientist conducting tests on different vegetables.

Genetically Modified Organisms: Benefits and Concerns

August 5, 2020

Genetically modified organisms are useful for farmers as plants can be modified to keep insects away and increase the yield. Being so beneficial for foods, why are most people concerned about GMOs used in animals and plants? […]


The Science of Flight—Breaking the Sound Barrier and Beyond

September 15, 2017

During and just after World War II, the quest for ever faster fighter planes reached an apparent natural barrier—the speed of sound. Yet, on approaching this limit, aircraft became unstable and uncontrollable. In this full lecture, discover how a new approach to aircraft design solved the problem of compressibility and shock waves in this transonic region, paving the way for supersonic flight and paved the way to breaking the sound barrier. […]


Alternating Current vs. Direct Current—What’s The Difference?

June 21, 2017

Examine the nuances of alternating and direct currents, see how transformers use electromagnetic induction to transform voltage levels in AC circuits, and observe the role of diodes and capacitors in regulating current. See how the DC power supplies that charge our cell phones are constructed so that they convert alternating to direct current. […]

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