An image of the periodic table showing noble gases.

Noble Gases: The Non-reactive Elements

June 21, 2022

Neon can stand in for helium as a cryogen, and xenon has revolutionized flash photography, and even served as a medical anesthetic. The discovery of radon ultimately led to the important acceptance of the notion that elements can transmute through radioactive decay. […]

An image of Argon symbol.

Argon: The ‘Lazy’ Noble Gas

June 20, 2022

Once discovered, the inertness and remarkably weak intermolecular forces of noble gases have lent them to a number of important uses in an array of technologies. […]

US Stamp featuring Palomar Mountain Observatory

Making Astronomy a Fairer and More Equitable Field

June 16, 2022

Efforts have been made by astronomers to remove gender-based barriers for today and tomorrow’s scientists. Margaret Burbidge led the way, and Decadal Surveys now include topics for how to support the astronomy community. […]

Observatory with stars in background captured in timelapse mode.

Margaret Burbidge: Breaking Barriers in Astrophysics

June 12, 2022

Margaret Burbidge’s enthusiasm for astronomy led her to applying for a postdoctoral research position at Mount Wilson. However, she was turned down as women were barred from staying on the mountain and working as lead observers. […]

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