A dragonfly nymph

The Balance between Predators and Prey

February 12, 2017

By Stephen Nowicki, PhD, Duke University The life-and-death balancing act between predator and prey is complicated and fascinating. Read about Ecologist Josh Van Buskirk’s classic […]


Stonehenge: A Remarkable Relic of Archeoastronomy

February 9, 2017

Ancient astronomers achieved remarkable feats that were built on many thousands of years of watching the sky. How did they accomplish so much without using the technology we have available today? Welcome to the study of archeoastronomy. […]

closeup in the hands of a coal miner (Image: Siberia Video and Photo/Shutterstock)

Coal: A Lesson in Economic Geology

February 1, 2017

Economic geology is the use of materials for the benefit of society. Two such materials, coal and petroleum, comprise 90% of all the energy budgeted in the United States. […]

Periodic Table Chemical Concept with Men Touching Some Element by His Finger

Building the Periodic Table

January 9, 2017

The periodic table is the chemist’s playground—an icon of science that’s found on classroom walls around the world. It’s one of the most powerful conceptual tools in all of science, yet it didn’t spring forth all at once. […]

Moons of the Solar System

Great Moons of Our Solar System

January 6, 2017

By Frank Summers, Ph.D, Space Telescope Science Institute Everyone memorizes the names of the eight planets. But how many of us have memorized the seven […]


Taking Over the Road: The Future of Self-Driving Cars

December 22, 2016

Lane changes, off-roading, irregular traffic patterns—how do robotic cars handle it all? Find out about the trade-offs especially between speed and safety involved in creating self-driving vehicles. Peer into the future of how you’re likely to get from place to place, perhaps without having to do a thing…. […]

Artistic rendering of an atom on a black background

The Basic Structure of the Atom

December 22, 2016

[T]he culmination of generations of scientific work ultimately came together to create our understanding of the most fundamental unit of matter: the atom. […]

Human eye (Image: By rangizzz/Shutterstock)

How Do Your Eyes Work?

December 15, 2016

by Professor Anthony A. Goodman M.D., Montana State University The human eye is a spectacularly complex organ that is fascinating to behold. Take a closer look […]

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