Einstein's Legacy

Thank Einstein for Your GPS—No, Really

April 3, 2022

Einstein’s influence on our modern world is larger than we think. Everyday devices like smartphone cameras, GPS systems, and smoke detectors depend on his studies. A new Wondrium series shows his legacy in current technology. […]

European History

Charlemagne Unifies Europe in New Series

March 28, 2022

Charlemagne was the first Holy Roman Emperor, beginning in 800 CE. During, and since, his reign, his image has been molded and remolded to fit the causes of countless modern rulers. He also had superb management skills. […]

Norse mythology
Ancient History

Norse Mythology Series Goes Far beyond Pop Culture

March 20, 2022

Vikings and Loki only scratch the surface of Norse mythology—often inaccurately. Well-intended pop culture tributes like these stumble on their way from classic mythology to the small screen. Wondrium’s Norse Mythology sets the record straight. […]

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