Gen. Wesley Clark Discusses Russian Threats Against the US in Syria

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General Wesley Clark U.S. Military (Ret.)
By General Wesley Clark U.S. Military (Ret.)

“As the ISIS mission winds down, the U.S. finds itself badly in need of a clear strategy and the will and means to implement it.” General Wesley Clark’s covers his views on the conflict in Syria, and his thoughts on how to resolve it.

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Highlights of the article include:

  • After the U.S. forces in Syria inflicted more than 100 Russian casualties in breaking up an attack by mercenaries a few weeks ago, a Russian response was inevitable.
  • General Valery Gerasimov threatened that if the U.S. again struck Russians, there would be retaliation.
  • We should say nothing, and continue to work with our allies to finish off ISIS.
  • But as that mission winds down we need a clear strategy in the region going forward.

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