Capture History—Chronicle Your COVID-19 Experience

Creating History Every Day

The Great Courses is challenging our members to spend the next few weeks chronicling their COVID-19 experiences, with the idea that future historians could use what we create today to better understand our environment tomorrow.  

#mycoronamemoir hash tag over image of woman writing in journal
(Image: Mallmo/Shutterstock)

Maybe you could keep a daily journal or blog. Maybe you could try your hand at writing a memoir. Or maybe you could compose a series of essays or tackle creative non-fiction. Whichever way you choose to express yourself, we are here to help, encourage, and support you. There are no limits on what you create or how much you write. Our goal is help you capture the world right now in whatever way you choose.

We are providing FREE lectures here each week geared at helping you perfect your technique, providing tips from the experts, so that you can create something you can be proud of and can share with future generations. More free lectures will be added each week. 

We are also launching a new group on Facebook where participants can find support, find encouragement, and share what they are doing, if they so choose. If you love what you wrote, share it with this group. Some of our favorite selections may be published here. 

Go forth and record history. #mycoronamemoir