Dionysus Bacchus Wine statue portrait.
Ancient History

Roman Mindset, Society, and Economy

December 20, 2020

Rich Romans lived a comfortable and luxurious life, while many poor ones were begging, stealing, and urinating on the streets. The Roman mindset was not based on cruelty, but much of what they did was inevitably cruel because the acts of bloodiness were just a normal part of their lives. […]

An image of US and Soviet flags with missiles in the background.

What Led to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962?

August 1, 2022

The Soviets made every effort to recruit and keep Cuba as their socialist ally. To counter US threat, they stationed missiles in Cuba resulting in the crisis famously referred to as the Cuban missile crisis. […]

A picture showing open treasure chest with shinny gold in a cave

American Pirates: The Lafitte Legacy

July 22, 2022

Jean and Pierre Lafitte left behind them a legacy of stories of buried treasures. In popular culture, they are depicted as charming and witty and not as the piratical enslavers that they were in reality. […]

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