Woman getting Covid 19 vaccine
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Recovered Patients Only Need One Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine, Doctors Say

March 18, 2021

Two-dose COVID-19 vaccines may not be necessary for people who have been infected by the novel coronavirus or survived COVID-19 illness. This is because once someone has been infected, their immune system should recognize it when it’s reintroduced to their bodies. So, is just one dose recommended? […]

woman receiving corona virus vaccine
Coronavirus News

Slow Rollout of COVID-19 Vaccine Fails Expectations Amid Virus Surge

January 12, 2021

Distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations falls short of what was promised, “The New York Times” reported. The slow rollout is causing tension between state governments and the federal government, while the issue of convincing Americans to take the vaccine continues. The vaccine development resembles how antibiotics were developed. […]

Covid 19 vaccine
Coronavirus News

Two Coronavirus Vaccines, Each More Than 90% Effective

November 23, 2020

Two vaccines for the coronavirus have each proven over 90% effective, BuzzFeed reported. Although no timeline can be promised, health experts believe mass vaccinations could begin in April 2021. How good is 95% when it comes to vaccines? […]

Smallpox vaccine concept
Health News

As the First Smallpox Vaccine Turns 224, A Look at How It Started

May 16, 2020

According to The History of Vaccines, the first smallpox vaccine was tested on May 14, 1796, by Edward Jenner. He inoculated a child with material from a sore caused by cowpox in order to test a theory that it would give protection from the smallpox disease. Protecting against the illness has a fascinating history. […]

A scientist holding a petri dish with germs in the shape of an airplane.
Health And Fitness

Emerging Viruses and Diseases: Going Global

December 17, 2021

Viral diseases are quick to spread. It is necessary that there is awareness about the diseases and stringent measures are followed to contain their spread across different countries. […]

An image of a man wearing protective gear and holding a tube with blood with a sign saying 'Ebola'.
Health And Fitness

Why Diseases Like Ebola Know No Boundaries

December 16, 2021

When it comes to viruses and infectious diseases, global boundaries do not hold. Ebola, a disease that wreaked havoc in the countries of West Africa, can, and did, spread easily to the United States. […]

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