An image of vintage British coins.
British Literature

Class and Economics in Jane Austen’s Novels

July 15, 2022

Understanding the value of British currency, such as a pound, helps the readers know that it was an amount which could potentially be the entire salary of a servant and wasn’t a small sum in the Austenian world. Therefore, a character in the novel, spending a few on a whim would definitely be declaring his status and wealth. […]

Chinese blue hat with the Little Red Book

The Cultural Revolution and Mao’s Cult of Personality

July 9, 2022

Despite the claims that the Cultural Revolution’s purpose was to divest the party of reactionary impulses, the ‘Cultural Revolution was the leader’s attempt to take revenge on the colleagues who had dared to oppose him during the Great Leap Forward’. […]

Photo of Mao Zedong

China: Mao’s ‘People’s Democratic Dictatorship’

July 8, 2022

The communists established the People’s Democratic Dictatorship in 1949. The party targeted landlords and members of the bourgeoisie as class enemies. Mao’s anti-imperialism rhetoric helped arouse Chinese patriotism and revolutionary fervor. […]

Family of Japanese dolls

Japan’s Journey Toward a Solo Society

July 4, 2022

After the bursting of the economic bubble in 1990, Japanese population faced an economic insecurity which then led to the erosion of their belief in the family unit. The country is fast emerging as a solo society with the youth wanting to enjoy their lives as singles. […]

Old Communist Poster

China: Sun Yat-sen and the Bolshevik Influence

June 17, 2022

Though imperial rule in China had been replaced with a republic, the alliance between nationalists and communists was fragile. Russia’s Bolshevik’ convinced them to join forces to defeat the warlords, imperialists, and feudal landlords. […]

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