A portrait of Aaron Burr
American History

Aaron Burr: A Man of Ill-repute

November 24, 2021

Aaron Burr had a strong desire to dominate. He had a different mindset than his father. His thirst and eagerness to become president caused him to gradually be driven over the line. […]

Frigate in a cruise on the sea
American History

Thomas Jefferson and the Continental Embargo

November 20, 2021

Thomas Jefferson purchased New Orleans, and all of Louisiana province, from Napoleon. The British, eyeing the Mississippi River valley, reacted strongly, embroiling the American shipping trade in the feud. […]

An image of the American flag
American History

Thomas Jefferson: Creating the Federalist Abyss

November 19, 2021

Thomas Jefferson did not believe in different parties. What he actually wanted was that the Federalists should be eliminated and everyone should become a Jeffersonian. He worked actively towards establishing republican principles and obliterating the Federalists. […]

A digital illustration of the expansion of the universe from the Big Bang to the present.

Understanding the Nature of the Big Bang Theory

November 16, 2021

The Big Bang theory suggests that the universe came into existence at one specific point in time. It also indicates that the universe subsequently went through significant expansion after its birth. […]

A hand holding a cross.
American History

Timothy Dwight and Religious Revival

November 14, 2021

Timothy Dwight believed there could be no national virtue without national religion. As president of Yale College, he preached and shared his thoughts with the students, leading to an outbreak of religious revival. […]

an image of a UFO approaching a monolith in outer space.

Understanding Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’

October 29, 2021

‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ posits a world where apes are given an evolutionary push by aliens who place monoliths all around the galaxy for them to find. It makes them journey through wormholes and the aim is to become a ‘star child’, an evolved human. […]

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