Face masks to prevent covid 19
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Nations Defeating COVID-19 Echoes Facing Down Diseases of the Past

June 1, 2020

Several countries are bringing their COVID-19 cases down to near zero, NPR reported. New Zealand is the world’s biggest success story, with Taiwan and Vietnam also reporting minimal new cases of the disease. Conquering infectious disease has changed a lot since the 1950s. […]

U.S. 39th regiment in Seattle, wear masks to prevent influenza
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The 1918 Spanish Flu—The Search for the Virus

March 29, 2020

Between adding to the miseries of the First World War, and contributing to the rise of the Second World War, the 1918 Flu had a big impact on human history. What if it were to return today? Would we be prepared to fight it? […]

Woman holding her dog's paw
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Dog-to-Human Coronavirus Transmission Unlikely, but Jury Still Out

March 26, 2020

Cross-species infection of the novel coronavirus is uncertain but unlikely, “The Washington Post” reported. Despite one possible recorded case of human-to-dog transmission, concrete evidence of zoonotic infection has not appeared. Zoonosis is the process of disease jumping from an animal to a human. […]

Chinese girl at home with face mask on to protect from Wuhan Corona virus
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TGC Professor Discusses Coronavirus Risks, Transmission Rates

February 5, 2020

The new coronavirus strain has killed more people in China than SARS did, “The New York Times” reported Tuesday. On the verge of becoming a global pandemic, the Wuhan coronavirus now infects 2,000 new people every day. A professor from The Great Courses helped us make sense of the respiratory illness. […]

Digital x-ray human body scan interface on blue background 3D rendering

Metaphysics and the Human Body

July 18, 2019

Before the Enlightenment, the metaphysical view of the human body was that of a machine, and all problems with the machine could only be caused by parts of the machine malfunctioning. Removing or fixing those parts was the job of surgeons, and the idea that tiny animals inside us could make us sick—that seemed silly. But a new scientific paradigm born of the Enlightenment changed humanity’s view of the body. […]

Like Health Care Web Network Technology Concept. Doctor offers thumb up icon on virtual screen
Health And Fitness

Health News in the Social Media Echo Chamber

May 10, 2019

When we outsource our information to the “so-called” wisdom of crowds, we are not helping to make social media a reliable or balanced source of information. Find out why the social media echo chamber is particularly dangerous when it comes to health information. […]

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