Close up of Octopus

Biology Questions after Octopus Bites Woman on Face During Photo Pose

August 14, 2019

An octopus bit a Washington woman’s face while she handled it to pose for a photo, Seattle news station KIRO-7 reported. Jamie Bisceglia was hospitalized after she balanced the creature on her face and it rammed its venomous beak into her chin. Cephalopods are a dangerous marine wonder. […]

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The Great Courses Learning Paths—Biology and Chemistry

February 11, 2019

Biology and chemistry rule our entire world, from the air we breathe to the clothing we wear. Discover the science of life and share the joy of humanity’s greatest ongoing adventure of discovery and exploration with this series of courses providing a deep-dive into the ever-changing worlds of biology and chemistry. […]

symbol of carbon element in periodic table

Covalent Bonds of Carbon with Halogens

July 5, 2022

Carbon gets into a partial covalent bond with the halogens. With chlorine, it forms chloroform and CFC, which is banned now for its harmful side effects. While BFC destroys the ozone layer much like CFCs, the iodine-carbon covalent is beneficial for human health. […]

Candle light vigil for the deceased

Reviewing Genocide as Biden Invokes Its Name against Putin

April 20, 2022

President Joe Biden informally accused Vladimir Putin of committing genocide in Ukraine. However, his comment is different from a determination of genocide by the U.S. government, which would require specific action. What constitutes genocide? […]

Woman breathing fresh air while holding her mask in her hand

Coping with Stress in a Post-pandemic World

April 15, 2022

We all face stress on a daily basis, such as dealing with an irritating coworker or even bad traffic. And the coronavirus pandemic has created an even more stressful situation worldwide. Fortunately, there are practical ways to deal with such stress. […]

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