Medieval queen with her knights on guard.

The Status of Women in Medieval Europe

April 19, 2020

Gender discrimination was prevalent in the High Medieval Era. During this period, women faced substantial challenges in all aspects of their lives, including religion and economy. But there were also some curious opportunities. […]

Chicken wings on barbecue
Business News

Chicken Wing Surplus Unexpected Outcome of Coronavirus Pandemic

April 18, 2020

Canceled basketball tournament games have led to a national chicken wing surplus, “The Washington Post” reported. The economy has slowed due to the spread of coronavirus and plummeting wing prices are an unexpected side effect. Rightsizing inventory is crucial for businesses. […]

Young man having difficulty choosing healthy food over bad food
Health News

Why Change Is So Hard: Barriers to a Healthy Lifestyle

March 16, 2020

Each year, do you find yourself failing to accomplish your New Year’s resolution to lose weight or to eat healthier, despite your best intentions? Roberta H. Anding, M.S., shares the most common barriers to changing your eating habits. […]

icon of a plane circling the earth

The Great Courses Learning Paths—World Traveler

November 5, 2019

Gain historical and cultural context for the places you want to visit from award-winning historians and travel experts who breathe life into each lesson. Make the most of any trip you are taking—even if it’s from your couch. […]

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