Economic abstract concept

Experts Blame Interest Rate Cut on Trade Wars, Other Economic Forces

August 5, 2019

Federal Reserve chairmen are partly blaming trade wars for the Fed interest rate cut, according to “The Washington Post.” Federal Reserve Board Chair Jerome H. Powell announced the cut on July 31, citing weak global growth and trade tensions. Other economic forces also play a role in federal interest rates. […]

Slaves and soldiers
American History

Slavery, Compromise, and the Long Road to War

July 26, 2019

What caused the Civil War? No discussion introducing the American Civil War would be complete without an extensive analysis of slavery and the economic conditions of the antebellum world. Delve into the complexities of the years leading up to the Civil War. Find out what was happening at the state and federal levels of government that put Americans on the road to war. […]

The School of Athens. Painting by Raphael.

How Plato and Aristotle Influenced Scientific Thought

July 18, 2019

Although Plato and Aristotle are still regarded as being among history’s greatest minds, their scientific theories may seem quaint by today’s standards. Nevertheless, a closer look at these theories reveals that they were actually quite logical. And, how does Aristotle’s account of the four earthly elements measure up according to today’s thinking? […]

coffee and heart health
Health And Fitness

Is Coffee Bad for Your Heart?

May 10, 2019

Is coffee bad for your heart? The answer is complicated. We examine media stories on the issue, comparing the information to evidence from the actual medical trials to determine whether we can make a case for coffee’s health risks. […]

American History

The Dutch in America

April 29, 2019

After the Netherlands achieved independence from Spain, Dutch merchants set sail for America. Discover what made the Dutch colony so successful. […]

Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde National Park
American History

Explore the World and America before Columbus

April 29, 2019

America in 1492 was not a new world. Find out who lived here before the Europeans headed west in the 15th century, and what the rest of the world looked like before Christopher Columbus.

American cars lined up at the dealership
Business News

Vehicles Labeled “Domestic” May Be Built in Canada and Mexico

April 14, 2019

Forty-three percent of cars built in Mexico and Canada are Detroit-brand vehicles, the “Detroit Free Press” said. Similarly, 47% of vehicles sold in the United States were imported. Historically, automobile production revolutionized the business of factory labor. […]

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