Select Third-Party Titles Leaving Wondrium November 9

56 titles to be removed from streaming service

By Jonny Lupsha, Wondrium Staff Writer

Wondrium is removing some titles to make way for exciting new releases. On November 9, an assortment of third-party videos will leave the streaming service. Here’s what to watch before they go.

man viewing Wondrium on tablet
Lifelong learners can watch enriching, informative videos anytime, anywhere, at their convenience, via Wondrium’s streaming service. Photo by Kaspars Grinvalds / Shutterstock

Wondrium is proud to feature videos curated from the collections of Kino Lorber, MagellanTV, Craftsy, and others. Every so often, however, some titles are removed to help make the Wondrium platform the best place for lifelong learners. As of November 9, a total of 52 third-party titles will no longer be available to stream on Wondrium.

The titles leaving Wondrium are…

Be sure to catch these titles on Wondrium before they leave.

Edited by Angela Shoemaker, Wondrium Daily