Sleeping Beauty: Once Upon a Time

Taught by Professor Hannah B. Harvey Ph.,D.

“Once upon a time…” Those four words bring us comfort, joy, and hope, as they start a plethora of stories that often end with “happily ever after.”

In this full lecture, you’ll hear the 1697 Charles Perrault version of “Sleeping Beauty”—one that you may not be familiar with, as read by Professor Hannah Harvey, Ph.D. You’ll also take a deep dive into the meaning behind the symbolism and the important differences between this story and the Grimm version we are more familiar with. After the reading, Professor Harvey interviews Dr. Zheala Qayyum about the important role that folktales play in the lives of children.

From the Lecture Series: A Children’s Guide to Folklore and Wonder Tales
Taught by Professor Hannah B. Harvey, Ph.D.