American family watching TV, 1958
American History

From Radio to Television: The History of Electronic Communication

May 20, 2017

In 1900, the invention of the radio was patented thereby cutting the cord of the great invention of the telegraph and allowing news and music to be broadcast to many people simultaneously. It wasn’t long before inventors figured out how to include picture with the audio and soon the television was born. By 1955, television had made its way into the living rooms of half of the American population. […]

Photo of bowls full of herbs and spices on wood boards

The Exotic Blends of Mediterranean Spices

May 9, 2017

Take a tour of Mediterranean spices from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, and Turkey, and learn how both climate and culture have influenced the seasonings used in these regional cuisines. […]


The Many Faces of Raphael’s Madonna

April 16, 2017

By William Kloss, Independent Art Historian Raphael’s depictions of the Madonna have inspired countless imitations, both honorable and meretricious. Here, we’ll take a look at a few of […]

American History

An Icon of History: Thomas Jefferson’s Bible

April 13, 2017

Jefferson’s bible is an amazing artifact. It provides insight into Jefferson’s views and his handiwork, an amazing illustration of how this founding father himself practiced the freedom of religion so avidly sought for all Americans. […]

Top down photo showing various spices, herbs, and peppers on a wooden surface

Spice Up Your Meals With Mexican Flavors

April 12, 2017

When Colmbus arrived in the Americas, he discovered a treasure chest of plants, foodstuffs, and Mexican flavors never before seen. Take a look at how this changed the history of food forever. […]

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