An illustration showing Civil War.
American History

American Republicanism and Manifest Destiny

April 12, 2023

Post Texan independence, the notion that America should rule over the entire north continent and that this was its destiny, took root. It went on to romanticise adventures in the West, viewing the Indian tribes as noble savages. […]

An image of Texas state - road sign map.
American History

The Texan Revolution and Bid for Independence

April 11, 2023

Owing to it being underpopulated, Texas was franchised out to North Americans. Mexico feared that Texas would attempt to claim independence, supported by the the Anglo-Americans in Texas. These fears came true in 1836. […]

An illustration of a man with a “SELlF-INTEREST” eye band
American History

America: Self-Interest and Profits

December 14, 2021

Americans had formed a constitution in search of self-interest and profits. However, newspapers and voluntary associations create a layer of resistance to political overreach by American governments. […]

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