A bald eagle in front of the US flag.
American History

Republican Societies: Agendas and Impact of French Revolution

November 15, 2021

For Findley, the new Republican societies were a vehicle for political strategy. However, when French Revolution’s new minister plenipotentiary, Genet, became president of one of the Republican societies, it led to anti-Genet rallies organized against his involvement. […]

A hand holding a cross.
American History

Timothy Dwight and Religious Revival

November 14, 2021

Timothy Dwight believed there could be no national virtue without national religion. As president of Yale College, he preached and shared his thoughts with the students, leading to an outbreak of religious revival. […]

Photo of a church
American History

American Republic: Religion and Virtue

November 14, 2021

George Washington thought what formed and shaped virtue was religion. However, the federal constitution’s first amendment forbade the federal government from designating any denomination as a national church. […]

Women's suffrage in New Jersey
American History

Women’s Rights in the New American Republic

November 10, 2021

In America, widespread land ownership opened access to voting rights for unprecedented numbers of ordinary Americans. However, American women were still not eligible to vote, the solitary exception being New Jersey until 1807. […]

Waving flags of the United States and France together in one frame
American History

John Adams and France, and the Rise of Federalism

November 8, 2021

The French Republic’s appalled reaction to the Jay Treaty helped John Adams. Their reactions and responses made the American newspapers react in anti-French fury, while Adams became the hero of the hour. […]

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