A man and a woman holding hands with a wreath in the foreground.
American History

The Private Life of James Madison

June 12, 2021

James Madison had a prolific political career. Some critics feel, that, the fact that he was unencumbered by a large family helped in maintaining his focus and contributed toward his productivity. […]

A picture of the opening lines of the constitution of America.
American History

James Madison’s Proposal for a New Government Framework

June 10, 2021

James Madison took time out to study other confederacies and compared them with the current system. He read Hume’s observation that a state having large communities act as a system of checks and balances against one faction becoming dominant. Keeping that in mind he proposed a new framework of governance. […]

hand-painted earthenware with the words 'Stamp Act Repealed'.
American History

Patrick Henry, the Demosthenes of America

June 7, 2021

The Awakeners imparted to Patrick Henry a suspicion of authority, including the authority of the Church of England in Virginia. Thus, despite being deeply religious, he, as defense lawyer, fought for the Two-Penny Act against the clergy in Virginia. […]

Metal statue of priest on background of church.
American History

The Great Awakening

June 7, 2021

The Church of England appointed parsons to its colonies of North America. It also expected complete conformity to its ‘Thirty-nine Articles of Religion’ which applied to non-Christians as well. This was challenged by the Presbyterian movement, the Great Awakening. […]

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