picture of Henry Clay
American History

Henry Clay and the Compromise of 1850

April 14, 2023

Henry Clay proposed to make California a free state along with the territorial organization of Utah and New Mexico. However, he made it an omnibus bill which failed to find an approval at the Senate. […]

Picture of Zachary Taylor
American History

Why Zachary Taylor Stood Up for Statehood

April 13, 2023

There was much debate on the issue of slavery and Mexican Cession. With Zachary Taylor winning the presidential election, his stance on statehood and slavery came to the fore. […]

US and Mexico on a map
American History

James Polk and the Events that Led to the Mexican War

April 12, 2023

Mexico held deep set grudge against the United States because of their Texan annexation. Following a US camp at the Texan border and a sudden ambush, Polk declared war against Mexico, even though it meant that they had to enlist men in the US army. […]

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