Flag of the U.S., flying at sunset.
American History

America’s Military Crises in 1811

December 31, 2021

America had to endure two different military threats in 1811. On the one hand, it was on the brink of war with Great Britain, and on the other, some wanted the U.S. to invade Canada. […]

An illustration of Aaron Burr during his trial

The Trial of Aaron Burr for Treason

November 26, 2021

Aaron Burr was tried for treason in Virginia. But after two weeks, John Marshall instructed the grand jury that the treason indictment was groundless. […]

A bronze statue of John Marshall.
American History

John Marshall’s Career Trajectory

November 25, 2021

John Marshall enlisted in the army in 1777. He became a lieutenant and had to endure hardships while in winter encampment at Valley Forge. […]

A portrait of Aaron Burr
American History

Aaron Burr: A Man of Ill-repute

November 24, 2021

Aaron Burr had a strong desire to dominate. He had a different mindset than his father. His thirst and eagerness to become president caused him to gradually be driven over the line. […]

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