Concept of enlightenment and knowledge shown through the silhouette of a man standing with open arms in front of a large brightly lit book.
American History

How Enlightenment Influenced American Education

April 8, 2023

What Americans may have lacked in quality in their institutions of learning, they compensated for in terms of quantity. For better or worse, the American Republic was shaped—intellectually as well as politically—by the Enlightenment. […]

Sketch of bald eagle, holding arrows and olive branch, as found on the Great Seal of the United States
American History

Whigs, Democrats, and the Aim to Be the Party of the People

April 2, 2023

While the Whigs thought of liberty as freedom from the restraints of localism, Democrats thought of freedom as the privilege of restraining large concentrations of wealth and power. However, both thought of themselves as champions of liberty. […]

Engraving of Henry Clay
American History

Whigs: A Party of Good Republicans

April 2, 2023

There was division within the Republican house, which got exposed with the Bank War. Thus, Henry Clay pushed for the divorce of the old Republican Party. […]

Flag of the U.S., flying at sunset.
American History

America’s Military Crises in 1811

December 31, 2021

America had to endure two different military threats in 1811. On the one hand, it was on the brink of war with Great Britain, and on the other, some wanted the U.S. to invade Canada. […]

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