Statue of Jesus Christ

Christianity and the Ideology of Exclusivism

October 6, 2022

Christian leaders preached that they were there to help those in need. However, they also insisted that they and they alone had the correct understanding of both human truth and divine reality. […]

A small wooden cross surrounded by lit candles and flowers

The Spread of Christianity: Benefits and Losses

October 6, 2022

Christianity overtook all other religions and asserted itself on the thought, culture, society, and political structures of the West. While there was much gained for the world by the triumph of Christianity, much was lost as well. […]

Apollo temple ruins

Christian Violence in the Roman Empire

October 1, 2022

Throughout the reign of Theodosius I, many Christians raided pagan temples and destroyed them. They even disfigured pagan statues in accordance with biblical passages. […]

Statue of Constantine

Rise of Christianity under Constantine’s Rule

September 27, 2022

With Christianity already in its full bloom, Constantine had little to do during his reign. However, his efforts invested the church with extensive power and funds. Moreover, his conversion to Christianity furthered the cause. […]

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