Pair of hands holding a cross with greenery in the background

Christianity: Organic Growth and Transformation

November 24, 2022

Early Christian communities had limited access to any of its foundational texts and no shared understanding of how to interpret them. However, all this changed when Constantine adopted the Christian faith. […]

A willow wreath with cross, eggs and decorative angel.

Emergence of Orthodoxy and Heresy in Christianity

November 23, 2022

Before Christianity got legitimized, defining and enforcing anything like orthodoxy was impossible. Christianity had had no rules, no traditions, no centralized authority. In fact, it was a cult that raised many suspicions. […]

Image of Jesus Christ

Jesus and the Jewish Society

November 23, 2022

While the Hellenized urban elite Jews were content living under Roman rule, there were urban poor Jews who hoped for a new, autonomous Jewish kingdom under a new leader. […]

wax and wooden tablet

Wax Tablets Used during the Medieval Times

November 14, 2022

The ancient scrolls gave in to wax tablets and codices during the medieval times. These were far more durable, economical and reusable. Some of the codices survive even to this day giving us an insight into the medieval times. […]

ancient scroll on table

Books of the Ancient Millenia

November 13, 2022

Papyrus extracted from a Mediterranean plant was used to make papers. The ancient scrolls and byblos were books made of this papyrus. However, they had their own limitations. […]

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