Cygnus X-1

The Discovery of Black Holes: From Theory to Actuality

December 27, 2019

Although Einstein was skeptical about the existence of black holes, his own theory suggested otherwise. Bringing us closer to the discovery of black holes was an observation regarding the behavior of collapsing stars. A mysterious object called Cygnus X-1 at last delivered proof. […]

gamma rays burst from a dying star

Star Collapse and Black Holes: Exploring the Connection

December 9, 2019

What gives stars their power? And what happens when a star runs out of fuel? Exploring the various theories behind star collapse and the stages of collapse—including white dwarfs and neutron stars—eventually leads us to black holes. […]

The first image taken of a black hole

Einstein on Black Holes: Why He Rejected His Own “Child”

December 9, 2019

Black holes are a direct consequence of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. However, when examining the views of Einstein on black holes, we see that he was skeptical. Interestingly, an astronomer’s efforts to solve Einstein’s field equations end up pointing toward the existence of black holes. […]

Einstein's field equation on a wall in Leiden, Netherlands.

How Einstein Solved the General Theory of Relativity

October 20, 2019

The general theory of relativity is recognized as Einstein’s greatest achievement, but arriving at the final version was not an easy task. It involved years of missteps and disappointments. Discover how Einstein finally connected all the dots and how the theory holds up in light of today’s scientific advancements. […]

Blackboard containing Einstein field equations, Hamiltonian and Gauss' Law
History of Science

Einstein’s Field Equations: A Long Road of Trial and Error

October 20, 2019

Einstein’s field equations would lead him down the path to perfecting his general theory of relativity. That path, though, was fraught with frustration as the numbers weren’t working out. Learn how even history’s most brilliant minds must persevere through setbacks. […]

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