The photo shows a dreamcatcher.
American History

The Native Northeast: Iroquois and Wendat Confederacies

March 15, 2021

The St. Lawrence Lowlands and Great Lakes-Riverine areas was a diverse and vast region of the Native Northeast. Two of the confederacies, the Iroquois and Wendat, had a lot in common, from language and agricultural practices to foodways, gender roles, and homes, and they also engaged in trade with one another. But, all was not peaceful and there were increasing hostilities. […]

Profile silhouettes of a Wampanoag character and a pilgrim.
American History

Montaup: A Search for Common Ground in the Native Northeast

March 1, 2021

While war was endemic in the Northeast during the 17th century, the views from Montaup and other regions suggest that it wasn’t inevitable. The actions taken by the Native people, such as Massasoit and Metacom, show us that the story of war is not the only story in need of telling. […]

Powhatan, Louisiana, on a map.
American History

The Natives of Werowocomoco and the Legend of Pocahontas

February 28, 2021

John Smith and a small group of English settlers came to establish Jamestown in 1607. And the leader of the region, Powhatan, established a system of gift exchange in which he provided the English with corn in return for trade goods such as copper and metal tools. But these gifts actually served as emblems of a deeper relationship predicated on expectations of reciprocity and mutuality. […]

A portrait of Hernando De Soto.
American History

Hernando de Soto’s Invasion of Native Lands in the Southeast

February 20, 2021

Rather than honoring Indigenous expectations of kinship, alliance, and reciprocity, Hernando de Soto and his men killed, enslaved, raped, and stole. Thousands of Native peoples of the Southeast died at the end of Spanish blades, in the jaws of wolfhounds, and from the wasting effects of starvation and disease. […]

A collage by Joseph Sohm, which has Columbus, a ship, and an American flag in it.
American History

Native Land in the 1600s and the Spanish Invasion

February 20, 2021

The Spanish, who had already devastated the Taíno in the Caribbean, the Mexica in Mesoamerica, and the Inca in Peru, invaded the southeastern world during the fourth decade of the 16th century. […]

Photo of a Native American woman.
American History

Changing the Narrative about Native American History

February 9, 2021

The historical narrative about Native Americans confined them to their past. Typical narratives by historians from the past labelled the Natives as victims bound to disappear in history. The new narratives and studies are challenging these and finding ways of recovery of the native community. […]

pPhoto of a Native American
American History

Understanding Tribal Sovereignty in Native America

February 9, 2021

Tribal nations have been given the status of sovereign nations through various treaties signed between them and the federal government. To this day, the US continues to recognize the political status of these tribal nations. […]

The picture of the map by Martin Waldseemüller has the name of America mentioned in it.
American History

Columbian Exchange: An Era of Mutual Discovery and Transformation

January 31, 2021

We would do well to keep in mind that much of what we imagine as new might have been thought of as next by Indigenous contemporaries. After all, Native communities were already practiced in the arts of dealing with people unlike themselves, the exchange of material and nonmaterial things across vast trade networks, and the making of innovations to their ways of life. […]

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