A collage by Joseph Sohm, which has Columbus, a ship, and an American flag in it.
American History

The Old World-New World Debate and the Columbian Exchange

January 31, 2021

The Old World/New World binary is the stepping off point for America’s master narrative, and through it all, it’s the Old World that transforms the new one. However, Native people are the ones being defeated in this narrative. They are the ones in retreat. They are being changed forever. […]

Multiple Native American Burial Mounds
American History

Native American Funerary Objects—Why Is Repatriation So Slow?

February 25, 2019

In 1990, Congress passed the Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act. It expanded tribal rights to reclaim the skeletal remains and funerary objects of their own ancestors from collectors such as museums. However, many cases have been settled in just the last five years. Why? […]

Indians playing music at sunset
American History

Native American History: Changing the Narrative

December 1, 2017

For a very long time, non-Indians wrote as though Native American history began in 1492—set in motion, of course, by the so-called discovery of the New World. Let’s examine both the consequences of that narrative and the creation of new narratives that challenge it. […]