Lance Armstrong in 2005 Tour De France (Image: By Bjarte Hetland - Self-photographed/Public domain)
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Performance-Enhancing Drugs: The Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal

April 6, 2018

America’s most well-known cyclist of the recent past is, no doubt, Lance Armstrong. Born in Texas, Armstrong turned pro in 1992 at age 21, and within the next few years, won major competitions, including stages within the Tour de France. Few foresaw the disgraceful path his career would soon take, tainted by the abuse of performance-enhancing drugs. […]

(Image: By Unknown author - British Museum (the stamp of the Museum can just be made out in the top left-hand corner).Re-published in Cullen, Tom (1965). Autumn of Terror. London: Bodley Head. between pages 80 and 81; and in Evans, Stewart P.; Rumbelow, Donald (2006). Jack the Ripper: Scotland Yard Investigates. Sutton: Stroud. ISBN 0-7509-4228-2. p. 82/Public Domain)

Forensic History: Uncovering The Victims of Jack the Ripper

December 1, 2017

The murder of Mary Kelly apparently ended the killer’s rampage, at least in the London Whitechapel area. No one knows to this day who he was or why the murders ended. Did he die? Was he incarcerated for something else? Did he wind up in a mental institution? Did he move away? Despite thousands of books written on the subject and countless articles espousing different theories and possible suspects—over 125 years of analysis—his identity is not known. […]