An illustration of the Senate, March 25, 1898.
American History

How Congress Responded to the Reconstruction Plans

April 25, 2023

Presidential and congressional policies of the former Confederate states provoked often strident responses from ex-Confederates. They also set the terms for readmission. Republican moderates and radicals, meanwhile, desperately tried to unite on a single Reconstruction policy, a task which wasn’t easy. […]

canon in a battlefield
American History

Civil War: The Eastern and Western Theaters

April 19, 2023

After a brief period of quietude following the first battle, the Union resolved for vengeance. There were a series of attacks in the eastern and western theaters. While the Union conquered the West, the Confederacy held on to victory in the East. […]

Freed slaves at a contraband camp during the Civil War.
American History

The Freedom of Slaves and Contraband Camps

January 20, 2021

Black people across the South got freedom from their bondage during the Civil War. However, they had to face many more difficulties, and many of them succumbed to illness in contraband camps. […]

African American soldiers in a Civil War battle as pictured in a painting by artist Thomas Nast.
American History

Dawn of the United States Colored Troops

January 20, 2021

African American soldiers faced a lot of prejudice when they joined the United States Army during the Civil War. However, it didn’t stop them from proving their competency on the battlefield. […]

A newly freed group of African American people.
American History

Allocation of Land to the Freed Black People

January 20, 2021

After the Emancipation Proclamation, keeping the freed people in contraband camps was problematic. Abolitionists and black people advocated land allocation as a viable solution. […]

Image by Ken Durden is a composite of Abraham Lincoln and the flag of the United States. The process of Emancipation started and many contributed to its steps forward, including the black and white Abolitionists.
American History

American Civil War: Impact of the Union Victory at Chattanooga

December 31, 2020

The battle, and eventual win, of the Union Army at Chattanooga brought about a lot of changes in terms of strategy and leadership. Ulysses Grant was made the General-in-Chief, however, Braxton Bragg was removed from his position. Besides, the victory also boosted the Union morale which had gone through some rough times before this battle. […]

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