A person using social media on mobile phone with notification icons popping above the screen.

Facebook and Political Polarization

September 3, 2021

Social media enriches the environment and facilitates the spread of information, yet has features that contribute to polarization and the spread of false information. […]

A cut out of people holding hands kept in the hands of a person.

Pluralism and the Interest Groups in the USA

August 7, 2021

Americans like to criticize the existence of organized interests, giving them evil sounding names like “special interest groups”—unless, of course, the group is one that we ourselves are members of. […]

Image showing the White House in Washington DC.

Why Are Campaign Finance Regulations Needed?

August 2, 2021

It’s probably impossible to regulate good faith and general good will, but it’s worthwhile to refine the system of regulations in a way that aims to expand democratic practices to as many people as possible. […]

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