An image of a gavel on a court desk.
Debate and Law

How the Supreme Court Justices Are Appointed

June 10, 2021

The Supreme Court plays a significant role in policymaking through its decisions and precedents. The public, organized special interests, and political parties have a variety of means to try to affect the Court’s rulings and decisions. […]

judge reading a decision

The Working of the Supreme Court

May 18, 2021

Only the majority opinion of the Supreme Court has legal authority and can be cited in future cases as being part of the precedent set by the case. […]

US Capitol Building.

Federal Bureaucracy in the US: Challenges

May 13, 2021

The executive branch of the US government has to work with the Congress when it comes to implementing and executing policies. But there are challenges. These can be understood as two types of principal-agent problems. However, there are several tools that Congress has for reducing its problem with the bureaucracy. […]

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