The Romans marching up the shores of England, leading the Roman invasion
Ancient History

The Roman Conquest of Britain

February 14, 2022

Under Emperor Claudius’ rule, the Romans invaded Britain in 44 AD, and the Britons of the lowland south and east were quickly converted to a Roman way of life. […]

An image of a Byzantine gold coin, solidus of Theodosius I the Great
Ancient History

The Barbarian Conspiracy and the Roman Empire

February 14, 2022

The fragmentation of the Roman Empire had a direct impact on the integrity of Britain’s defenses against its barbarian enemies. The barbarian conspiracy eventually led to the fall of Roman Britain. […]

A painting of Germanic people in the battle of the Teutoburg Forest
Ancient History

The Germanic Settlers in Britain

February 14, 2022

According to archaeologists, and contrary to popular belief, the Germanic settlers were groups of farmers who had migrated to Britain in search of more fertile land. […]

An Anglo-Saxon ancient candlelight
Ancient History

The Birth of Anglo-Saxon England

February 14, 2022

Based on DNA and archaeological studies, we know that England was ‘settled’ by different groups of migrants. These migrants then coalesced to form a new kingdom, the so-called Anglo-Saxon England. […]

European History

The Pan-Celtic Movement and the Celtic World

December 31, 2020

Present day inhabitants of Celtic regions have made a conscious effort to connect with their ancestors. These Celtic regions are united by a common linguistic heritage, a distinct culture coupled with their love for great art, literature and music. […]

The photo shows the feet of an Irish dancer.

The Forms and Revival of Scottish and Irish Dance

December 14, 2020

Although, we don’t have much knowledge about the origins of dancing in Scotland and Ireland, but the dances from these countries have become quite popular in the world. Today, many groups blend the traditional forms with modern forms of dancing. […]

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