Interior courtyard of Kilkenny Castle in Ireland.

How the English Settlers in Ireland Became Irishmen

October 8, 2020

When the English kings were busy ignoring the conquered Irish lands, the English settlers in Ireland were busy forgetting England and becoming Irish. English kings even imprisoned some people to make them remember their roots! […]

Manorbier Castle, birthplace of Gerald of Wales.

What the 12th Century Brought: English Rule in Ireland

October 7, 2020

The English found their way into Ireland because of the alliance of the Welsh, King Henry II, and a former Irish king. None aimed at bringing English rule in Ireland and dominate it, but sometimes actions have significant unforeseen consequences. […]

Wedding of Storngbow and Aoife.

The Welsh and the English in the 12th Century

October 7, 2020

English settlers in the Celtic-speaking countries stopped at the border of Wales, but in the 12th century, the Welsh and the English had too much contact and connection. The English, then, decided to conquer Wales in a series of attacks. […]

Celtic Cross in the Medieval ruins of Cong Abbey, Ireland

Hierarchy and Status in Early Irish Society

September 22, 2020

Early Irish society was defined by the famous historian Daniel Binchy as ‘hierarchical’. Read about the hierarchy of medieval Irish society, and its implications on the legal, political, and social life of the time. […]

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