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When You Find a Decision You Love, Commit to It!

May 13, 2020

Do you weigh out every decision carefully, analyzing all the pros and cons? Dr. Vishton reveals studies that show why quick decision-making is more compatible with our future happiness. We can reasonably apply the conclusions to choices about houses, cars, jobs, and even whom to marry. […]

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Trick Your Brain into Making Great Decisions with Mental Time Travel

May 12, 2020

If we know the results of our actions will hurt us immediately—for example, causing us to lose our job or not make rent—we likely won’t engage in them. However, this doesn’t stop us from indulging in habitual bad behaviors where the effects are less immediate. Dr. Vishton shows us a simple mind trick for closing that gap between present and future. […]

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Think and Grow Rich—The Brain Region Responsible for Your Finances

May 11, 2020

Several researchers have described a mental conflict that occurs as we negotiate between decisions that will satisfy our present self at the expense of hurting our future self. Dr. Vishton explains why we’re sometimes willing to pursue pleasures that will harm us in the long run. […]

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Make Money by Waiting—Put an End to Temporal Discounting

May 10, 2020

To make better decisions, brain scientists recommend spending a few minutes engaged in mental time travel, having a brief visit with your future self as you ponder what to do in certain situations. Dr. Vishton explains how mental time travel can result in a happier, healthier, and wealthier future you. […]

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