Making healthy food decision over treats
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Reigning in Your Inner (Obese) Child: Better Eating Habits

March 24, 2020

Your subconscious mind behaves much like a toddler, especially when placed in the vicinity of ice cream or potato chips. “Feed me, now!” Peter M. Vishton, Ph.D., explains how to take charge of our inner child so we can maintain self-control in the face of unhealthy food temptations. […]

Concept of achieving a goal, with silhouette of a woman rock climbing with vague cityscape in background
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The First Rule for Accomplishing Goals? Don’t Tell Anyone about Them

March 11, 2020

When it comes to setting and accomplishing goals, you may think that announcing your goal on social media or telling all your friends will increase your likelihood of success. In fact, the opposite is true, as Dr. Peter M. Vishton, Associate Professor of Psychology at William & Mary, explains. […]

Couple having a conversation in bar
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What Has Neuroscience Done for You Lately? Try These Brain Hacks

March 10, 2020

Have you ever had the frustrating experience of trying to talk to someone in a noisy bar? Or watched a YouTube video that you just can’t stop replaying in your memory? Neuroscience to the rescue! We spoke with Dr. Peter M. Vishton, Associate Professor of Psychology at William & Mary, about brain hacks backed by neuroscience. […]

Moving subway train and stationary passenger.
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Motion Perception—How We Perceive Motion In Our World

April 25, 2017

Have you ever wondered how your visual system parses and interprets complex motion information. Let’s start by considering 3 different situations that produce 3 different inputs on the retina; that is, onto the back of the eye. […]

Stop bad habits

Five Tips You Can Use to Break Bad Habits

December 20, 2016

While bad habits can seem like minor, unimportant behaviors, they are, in fact, significant activities that can derail an otherwise healthy, happy lifestyle. How can we use the tools of cognitive neuroscience to help us break bad habits? […]

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