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Reducing Anxiety with Language: A Tip from LeBron James

March 18, 2021

The language that you use matters—not only when it comes to enacting behavioral change, but also when it comes to minimizing our stress about certain situations. Professor Vishton reveals the studies and real-life examples that demonstrate this. […]

Doctors analyzing brain scan
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Left Versus Right: How Brain Injuries Impact Language Processing

March 15, 2021

Did you know that one area of our brain is responsible for creating the words that we speak while another area helps us to understand others’ words? When it comes to brain injuries, left-handed and right-handed people are impacted differently. Professor Vishton explains. […]

Car salesman with customer
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Create Scarcity for Your Product if You Want to Make an Easy Sale

February 20, 2021

Two principles of persuasion—door-in-the-face (starting with a large offer followed by a small offer) and expert authority (using expertise to sell)—can be particularly effective. Cialdini and his cohort have explored several others, including creating scarcity. What makes this technique so powerful? […]

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