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Scarcity: The Quickest Way to Get Anyone to Say, “Yes”!

February 16, 2021

Two popular persuasion techniques, the foot-in-the-door effect and the door-in-the-face effect, introduce seemingly contradictory ideas. The former suggests starting with a small initial request before moving to a larger request, while the latter suggests doing the opposite. Professor Vishton explains how to reconcile them. […]

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Applying the Door-in-the-Face Effect to Volunteer Commitments

February 15, 2021

The reality TV show “Bar Rescue” illustrates the door-in-the-face effect: When you want to make a sale, start with a high price and then the low price will seem reasonable by comparison. Now, you might not find yourself writing a bar menu, but the principle applies to a wide range of interpersonal interactions. […]

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Mastering Small Talk May Be the Key to Persuasion

January 30, 2021

Professor Vishton offers an intuitive tip—if you want people to say yes to your requests, you should try to make a personal connection with them. Ideally, deliver a compliment before you make a request. People have the tendency to say yes if they like you. Surprising is how powerful that tendency is and how easy it is to engage this deep-seated reflex in their brain. […]

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Asking for Things Is Easy—Take Advantage of Cognitive Dissonance

January 29, 2021

This foot-in-the-door technique can be adapted to almost any situation in which you are looking to persuade someone to do something. The goal is to seek an initial, small commitment from someone who has three characteristics. Professor Vishton explains what these are. […]

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How the “Because Reflex” Demonstrates the Power of Persuasion

January 27, 2021

Researchers interested in persuasion have elucidated a wide range of principles that seem to exert a powerful influence on our decision-making process. When someone asks you to do something, how they ask often has a great deal to do with whether or not you say yes. Professor Vishton explains how one word can make all the difference. […]

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