The National Emblem of China.

China: Successes and Challenges in the Reform Era

December 31, 2021

As China went through the reform era in the 1980s, with people free to express their individualities and the spread of the globalization fever across the country, a new set of social problems took birth. […]

Image of China and America’s flags waving

U.S.-China Relations in the 1990s

December 30, 2021

Taiwan’s insistence on being independent of China led to China conducting military exercises near Taiwan to send a message. Unfortunately, intervention by the U.S. caused distrust and tension between China and the U.S. […]

An image of a Chinese flag with a world map in the background.

China and the WTO: Entering the Exclusive Club

December 29, 2021

Zhu Rongji was criticized for giving up a number of China’s traditional sovereign prerogatives in exchange for a WTO membership. However, his efforts helped China become a global economic powerhouse. […]

An image of the map of China with its flag on top. It is placed on yuan, the currency of japan

The Socialist Market Economy of China

December 28, 2021

Under Zhu Rongji, China embraced new regulations, giving enterprises more autonomy in making managerial decisions. It adopted the label of a ‘market’ economy, changing the perception that markets equal capitalism. […]

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