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Chunking, Association, and Mozart’s Memory Trick

July 12, 2020

According to Dr. Restak, there’s a memory trick for everything, no matter how seemingly complex. He explains how two techniques called association and chunking were used by Mozart to memorize a musical composition and by a cross-country runner to recall 80-digit numbers. […]

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Mnemonic Techniques to Remember More, with Ease

July 11, 2020

Whether you’re cramming for a test or just trying to remember your to-do list, you can use mnemonic devices to ease the strain on your brain while simultaneously enhancing your memory. Dr. Restak explains the history of mnemonics and provides specific techniques. […]

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Exercise Your Working Memory and Build Mental Muscle!

June 18, 2020

Sharpening our working memory can help us to better accomplish tasks that involve juggling multiple pieces of information, such as taking phone calls while preparing lunch. Dr. Restak provides some simple memory games you can try, as well as examples from everyday life. […]

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