Illustration of Earth with plants and animals on it, to show biodiversity and ecosystems.
Earth Science

Ecosystems and Their Six Characteristics

March 30, 2023

All ecosystems are dependent on both living and non-living parts. They also require energy, recycle matter, have ecological niche for each organism, has balance in populations of different species, and can be disrupted because of changes. […]

An image of two species of genus Coscinodiscus.

The Beginnings of Biological Evolution

March 29, 2023

It is still not clear how the first organism came into existence. What is, is the fact that it started four billion years ago? Not having to compete for food or survival, it spread around the globe instantly. This also underlines the belief that we all have common ancestors. […]

An image of the hands of robot and human touching the DNA double-helix structure.

Gene Therapy and Ethical Implications

March 28, 2023

Genetic modification in animals is easily accepted. However, when it comes to humans, it raises ethical questions such as should we alter our genetic makeup not only to rectify a defect but also to enhance our capabilities or make ourselves super human? […]

A 3D Illustration of T-Cells of the immune System attacking growing Cancer cells.

What Makes Cancer Cells Immortal?

March 27, 2023

Cancer is an acquired genetic disease that occurs when cells lose the ability to die. Most of the time, regulatory processes orchestrate the death of cells that are defective. In cancer, the cells lose the ability to die. […]

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