An image of a person holding a phyllite of metamorphic rock on pink background.

Uranium, Thorium, and Geologic Dating

October 2, 2022

Thorium 232 has an astounding half-life of 14 billion years which makes it capable of accurately dating geologic samples. In case of uranium, it is its proportion to lead in the sample, that helps date it. […]

An image of a person conducting experiments with a radioactive substance.

Discovering New Radioactive Elements

October 2, 2022

On becoming aware of the radioactive properties of uranium, it was Marie Curie who successfully isolated new radioactive elements such as radon, polonium, and radium. […]

An image of the symbol for rare earth Promethium Chemical Element.

Promethium: The Elusive Element 61

September 27, 2022

In 1902, chemist, Bohuslav Brauner pointed at the presence of element 61, placed between neodymium and samarium. But, the element in question, promethium, was detected only after 44 years, by physicist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in Tennessee. […]

An image of rare earth elements symbols.

Rare Earth Metals: Discovery and Purification Processes

September 26, 2022

As the name misleadingly suggests, rare earth metals aren’t rare but just hidden. It is purifying them that’s the tough part, as most of them are found alongside each other and up to 5 elements can be found mixed in one sample alone. […]

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