Silhouettes of soldiers.
European History

Germany After the First World War

February 12, 2021

With the signing of the armistice and the Treaty of Versailles, Germany faced a humiliating defeat in the First World War. The social tensions intensified and there was widespread disappointment among the German masses. […]

A German World War One military helmet.
European History

Germany During the First World War

February 11, 2021

At the start of the First World War, the Germans thought it will be over soon. While many troops perished on the battlefield, the social conflicts at home ripped apart the German society. […]

Portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte(Image: By Édouard Detaille/Public Domain)
European History

Napoleon—The Rise to Power and History of Napoleon Bonaparte

March 21, 2017

Napoleon Bonaparte stands as one of the greatest self-made men in the history of the world. But exactly how did the second son of a minor noble on Corsica turn himself into Emperor of France and, arguably, the most influential figure of the 19th century? […]

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