An image of the medici coat of arms.

How Cosimo de’ Medici Became the Grand Duke of Tuscany

June 25, 2022

With his tendency toward authoritarianism, Cosimo Medici was direct, cunning and quick. And he set about solidifying his rule in Florence. He drove Florence away from a French alliance and establishing it as somewhat independent from the empire. […]

An image of a marble sculpture of Marcus Junius Brutus.

Florence’s Politics and the Cult of Brutus

June 24, 2022

Dante was antithetical to the Cult of Brutus. He condemned political traitors as much as Judas, making no distinction. The Florentine republicans saw him as a Medici supporter and the Cult of Brutus viewed him as pro-empire and an antirepublican. […]

An image of a side wall of a fortress.

The Siege of Florence

June 15, 2022

When the Prince of Orange attacked Florence, he was impressed with the common Florentines who made every effort to win the war. Their determination was truly commendable. […]

An image of the flag Florence.

Niccolò Capponi and Florence’s Capitulation

June 14, 2022

Niccolò Capponi tried hard to rekindle his old friendship with Pope Clement VII in order to avert war. However, caught between the pope and the Emperor Charles V, there was no easy way out for Florence. […]

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